Viral Churches: Intro

2015 is upon us. I will start the year (a little early actually) by blogging through two books simultaneously: Ed Stetzer’s and Warren Bird’s Viral Churches, and Paul David Tripp’s Dangerous Calling. I have chosen to read these two books together as a sort of balance to what I am assuming I will hear. I admit I come into the books with some prejudicial thoughts about both.

I assume Viral Churches will deal with church planting and it will be very outward focused. In terms of a church planter (pastor who plants churches?), the focus, I assume will be on reaching the community, evangelism, and training future leaders who will also plant churches. I assume Dangerous Calling will deal with shepherding a flock and will be inward focused in two areas: the pastor’s own life and relationship with God and the pastor’s relationship with the flock God has entrusted to his care.

I don’t see these two roles of pastor as mutually exclusive, but I am assuming the two books will look at one side versus the other. So I want to read them both at the same time for the sake of balance. I may find out that I am completely wrong, but just in case…


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