PETA vs the Possum Drop

For several years PETA has had its sights on the tiny community of Brasstown, NC. When there is so much cruelty toward animals in this world, what atrocities are the fine folks of Brasstown guilty of? Well, every New Years Eve, they gather at Clay’s Corner (a convenience store owned by Clay Logan, which sits in the corner of Clay County) and ring in the New Year with gospel, patriotic, and bluegrass music, some silly skits, and then at midnight they lower a opossum in a plexiglass cage. Oh, the humanity!

PETA is suing the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission saying that they can’t issue a permit for Mr. Logan to trap and hold a opossum for the event. The Wildlife Commission disagrees, but a judge in Raleigh refused the state’s request to have the suit dismissed.

Logan continues to maintain that the opossum is never harmed. It is trapped, fed the best dog food money can buy, kept in his Plexiglass cage, slowly lowered to the ground, and then released. PETA, however, vehemently disagrees. “This is a shy, wild animal, and when you hang it crying in a Plexiglass cage—you wouldn’t want to do that to you own cat or dog. Even if it could be established that the particular opossum is not harmed or stressed, it is still against the law.”

I didn’t notice the opossum crying when I attended the event a couple of years ago. Maybe  PETA has secret cameras that zoomed in on the opossum’s eyes and discovered this travesty.

While Clay Logan has not stated his intentions if the judges put a stop to it, the state’s assistant attorney general says that it would be perfectly legal for Mr. Logan to kill a opossum, put it in the freezer, and lower the dead body on New Year’s Eve. I wonder what PETA would think of that?

But surely we all know—you do know, don’t you—that PETA is not overly concerned about opossums, right? They are, however, overly concerned about themselves. For cars do far more damage to opossums every year than Clay Logan will do in his lifetime. Where is the outcry against driving on rural roads in known opossum habitats?

But the bigger issue is where is the outcry against PETA for clogging the courts with useless lawsuits against a man and his opossums. When there are so many other issues worth fighting for, why do we put up with this nonsense?

Last year, when PETA threatened a protest, I read people’s comments on a news blog. Several talked about drunk, backwoods idiots from the mountains of North Carolina. First, unlike lots of New Year’s Eve bashes, this one involves no alcohol; it’s clean fun that honors our country which gives the right to people like those at PETA and bigots like those bloggers to say what they want to say and file wasteful lawsuits. And many of those have and will fight for their right to continue to do that.


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