I was born in a turbulent year. I didn’t discover this until late high school. Somehow I remained ignorant of the events that rocked the nation that year. Of course, I was small and didn’t watch much TV that first year. Then we landed on the moon the next year, and all that bad stuff was forgotten. Those places—Memphis, LA, Chicago—were a world away from the rural town in NE Texas where I grew up—not too unsimilar from where Scout and Jem grew up—that had less people than my dorm my first year at college . 

Why that background? Today I read this and was reminded of how wonderful my childhood was, how loved I was, how safe I was. I was reminded that despite what goes on around me in my world today, I can offer a safe haven for my children as well. Can I protect them from evil? No, not completely. But I can love them and nurture them in a way that will hopefully equip them to overcome it when they are threatened by it. And to have that opportunity, today, is a blessing. Today, I enjoyed hugging each one before leaving the house. I will enjoy hugging each one when I get home. I will enjoy reading to them (oh, wait, we’ll probably be gathered around the TV watching olympics, the nightly reading being postponed for two weeks), and tucking them in and singing to them and praying with them.

Fear grips many people today. I hope to instill in my children a trust in God to see them through that fear.


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