How pro-life are you?

Not too long ago, I got into a discussion here about abortion. Today, I read this. How would you respond if this were your daughter? I would be grateful.


10 thoughts on “How pro-life are you?

  1. Boy, that is tough. I’d be grateful too… but I don’t know how I’d feel about myself. It’s definitely the selfless choice to make, and good for her for making that choice. I’m still glad she had the choice, though.

    It makes me think of those popular license plates – “aren’t you glad your mother was pro-life?” They, obviously, misstate the issue… my mom was pro-choice, so I’m glad I was wanted. But I am glad that my mother wanted me, and chose to have me.

    Hmmm. I was going somewhere with this but it’s almost 1 AM. I’ll be back with clearer thoughts :-). Good think piece though, for sure, and thanks for visiting.

  2. Ames,

    Thanks for stopping by. Tough is an understatement. I think I said on your original post: it is easy to sit on the couch and say, “This is the right thing to do.” But I would I would hate for my daughter to have to make that choice.

  3. “Elizabeth’s attackers have never been caught, and she isn’t entirely sure that she would want them to be now.’While I would like to see them punished, I would not ever want them to find out about Phoebe,’ she says, forcefully. ”

    Uh ok – and the way to keep Phoebe’s identity secret is to put this hopeless story in the newspaper complete with a picture of the rape victim herself?

    Would you really be so grateful if Elizabeth were your daughter, Ames? Would you proudly display a cut-out of this article on your office refrigerator?


  4. Lunch Admin.

    Thanks for joining the conversation.

    I don’t understand why you think it is a hopeless story? Where is the lack of hope?

    I can’t speak for Ames, but yes, I would be grateful if my daughter chose to make this decision. And with her permission, I would proudly display the article.

  5. So Michael – Ok, you think this situation is a good thing. Elizabeth had this baby and she made the right, “Choice.”

    If this is actually how you feel about it, I must also assume you would be pleased to have the world read about your daughter’s mother being totally passive in the apprehension of the rapists.

    “I expected there to be immediate action – a medical examination for starters,’ says Sarah. ‘Elizabeth had bruises on her arms where they held her down. Then I expected maybe counselling, more interviews. But as the days passed we heard nothing.”

    How wonderful. Let’s not demand a change in the justice system. Let’s not go back to the police or be pro-active or anything.

    Instead lets take the anti-Erin Brockovich road and try to put a good spin on the situation by having a baby. Quite a good use of misdirection, wouldn’t you agree Michael?

    Later, when your wife and daughter decide to trash things up by posing for a newspaper story sensationalizing rape victimhood you are only too grateful, right?

    And there’s STILL so much more to feel good about.

    It’s no big deal that your wife and raped daughter loose credibility by making dramatic claims within that story about the importance of protecting the baby’s identity should the rapists come-a-knocking once more.

    That must be what the photo-op was for – to conceal their identities.

    Right. Sure.

    Because 22 months after your daughter’s violent gang rape, nobody seems to care that the three men in a van are running loose in the south coast. So why not spread the news that the assault has produced a child.

    What a nice thing to do for the father of your grandchild. In fact, what great news for un-apprehended rapists everywhere! Hooray!

    This must be the best of all possible worlds.

  6. Lunch Admin.

    First, I never said I thought the whole situation was good. I was quite perplexed and rather miffed over the lack of effort that seemed to go toward finding the rapists. What is good about the situation is that she chose to have the child. That was the focus of the initial post. I certainly could have made my point more focused and clear as to exactly what part of the story I was referring to. For that I apologize.

    Second, how is having a baby a misdirection? Do you really think she had the baby to put a “good spin” on the situation?

    Third, how is doing the story a nice thing for the father?

    Fourth, again, how is this a hopeless situation?

    Would you have rather Elizabeth had the abortion?

    Finally, why such hostility and sarcasm? I realize abortion is a controversial topic, but the discussion can be had civilly.

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  8. “I was quite perplexed and rather miffed over the lack of effort that seemed to go toward finding the rapists.”

    Wow … how nice of you.

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