The Death of an Acronym

Now he’s gone and done it. I had lived my Christian life on the FAT motto up ’til now. You know: faithful, available, and teachable. Now, I’m just left with FA. What is that? A long, long way to run? And to think I was so pleased that by 2048, we’d all be FAT. I just knew that Jesus was coming back then. Now, he’s gone and pushed the 2nd coming back who knows who long. First it was South Beach and Atkins, and now this logical mortar shell to my acronymistic theology. What is the world coming to?

Well, two can play at this game. I’ll just come up with another acronym. Hmmm—let’s see. 

Ok, I can’t be teachable any more. I guess that means I’m perfect. Ok, we have a P. Now, this new found perfection came about by logic. So now we have an L. Ok, we are in desperate need of a vowel. Well, following the logic from the above blog, I suppose I am both omniscient and omnipotent. Hey, there’s two vowels. Cool. Now, I’ve always been one to live by the fruit of the Spirit, so—well, let’s just use the word fruit; this is getting too hard. Now, what do we have: two O’s an L and a P. Oh, got it. Fruitloop.


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