The Shack—so far, so bad.

I have heard much praise for The Shack. I have heard nothing about its contents, surprisingly, other than it is the “Pilgrim’s Progress for our day.” Interested, and seeing it for $5.99 on i-tunes, and having some money still on my account from a Christmas present (yes, I shop selectively), and having 25 minutes of commute time each day, I thought, “Why not.”

Being two hours into the eight hour recording, I have to say I am underwhelmed. The writing is clichéd and sloppy throughout. The characters seem to do contradictory things to they way they are described. Granted, I am listening, not reading, so going back and checking details is not an option, but this inconsistency has happened too often. The characters and their actions, for me, anyway, are not overly believable. 

The story itself is intriguing. I am curious how Mack gets out of his depression, which I am assuming he will since it is the “Pilgrim’s Progress for our day.” I have almost stopped listening a couple of times, but I do want to give it a fair shake. Patience is running thin, though.

On a brighter side, I have started Par For the Course. I have little expectations for this except humor and relationships. I sprinted through 150 pages last night and can’t wait to read the rest. I will comment on it soon. A delightful read so far.


2 thoughts on “The Shack—so far, so bad.

  1. Christopher,

    Thanks for stopping by. Since this post, I have had a chance to peruse a little of the writing (my wife was reading it). I have also read some other’s reviews. I did hear that is was self-published which would explain the poor writing. I did finish, was never pleased with the writing, and am glad it’s over.


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