Sad day in the funnies

I’ve never been a huge fan of Doonesbury, mainly because I rarely find it funny. I realize it is a political cartoon, but since it gets stuck in the funnies section, I’m looking for a few laughs now and again. In addition to it being unfunny, I find the tone arrogant and condescending. Tomorrow’s addition, however, has sunk to new lows. The strip is about purity pledges. It seems a father and daughter are discussing the issue. She says,

Hmm…I wonder if I should consider a pledge like that…

He replies,

Maybe you should.

She then responds,

Oh, wait, I just remembered—too late!

The flippant attitude toward pre-marital sex bugs me. I suppose I should not be surprised. I don’t know why I would think Gary Trudeau would care about the morals of today’s youth with his blatant disrespect for many things American. With teen pregnancy on the rise and all of its consequences, maybe Trudeau should think twice about how his strips might come across. Or maybe he just thinks it’s all funny.


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