Sanctification in progress. Please stand by.

Pete, a pastor in Nashville, recently had an opportunity to spend time at a Poison concert. It seems their lead guitarist, C.C. DeVille, has become a Christian and asked for the pastor to come spend time with him, talk with him, and 

tell me if you see me do anything that would not be honoring to God.

Some have commented that if C.C. had really repented, he would have already walked away from the band. Woah. 

What happens at conversion? From the tone of one of the commentators, it seems perfection should have engulfed C.C. at the moment of conversion decisively convincing him of everything in his life that was evil. Last I checked, sanctification did not work that way. Otherwise, what point did Paul have of writing 1 Corinthians, where he admonishes them of all kinds of wrong doing. Yet he did not doubt their conversion, calling them saints. 

When I became a believer at the age of 18, my language cleaned up over night. I actually think that had more to do with my girlfriend at the time than the Holy Spirit. What I did notice, though was the internal desire to see more people experience what I experienced, and my desire to grow closer to God. I was not perfect, and I was actually unbothered by listening to loud rock music with questionable lyrics. It seemed the Holy Spirit had other things on His mind. I do vividly remember my first week of college. I was invited to a party, which sounded fun, but chose instead to attend a gathering of Christians, which didn’t sound quite as fun. I have no doubt the Holy Spirit lead me there. I still count as friends people I met that night, and I still wonder how I might have turned out different had I gone to the party. 

So, no, I am not surprised that C.C. has not left Poison yet. I will also not be surprised if he does. I trust the Holy Spirit to move in his life at the right speed and the right time. And I am thankful for men like Pete who are not afraid to attend a Poison concert for the sake of a new brother, despite what some might think. May his tribe increase.


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