What we can perceive and what we can’t.

I read two interesting posts today. One dealt with our perception of reality based on our five senses. If evolutionary processes were the reality, then one would have to question how we can conclude that natural selection gives us a clear grasp of reality seeing how we only have five senses. Why should we not assume that there are more senses, and we are just as short of grasping reality as someone who only had four senses would be? Yet if we are created by a good God, should we not assume that we have been given the ability to sufficiently grasp our reality with our five senses?

The other deals with our inability to even begin to grasp the nature of Almighty God. Sure we know much about God from His word, but we must not think that we have Him figured out. However, I don’t think we need to revert back to the method negative theology by only describing God by what He is not. 

So here we are—human—at once perfectly fitted with our five senses to relate to and understand our world and at the same time utterly inadequate to fathom the greatness of the One who made us this way.


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