Believing despite knowing

In The Village (a must watch for any Christian) the leaders keep the rest of the group in the dark about certain things in order to perserve their way of life. (Even though this is “Thoughts on what I am reading…,” it might be worth it at some point to discuss that movie.) No one seems to know the truth, and that is ok with the leaders. A different angle comes out in Things Fall Apart. During a ceremony when the spirits of the dead come out, Achebe writes,

Okonkwo’s wives, and perhaps other women as well, might have noticed that the second egwugwu had the springy walk of Okonkwo. And they might also have noticed that Okonkwo was not among the titled men and elders who sat behind the row of egwugwu. But if they thought these things they kept them within themselves. The egwugwu with the springy walk was one of the dead fathers of the clan.

Here, people know the truth, and yet they choose to believe a lie anyway. Indeed, even their conscience bears witness that their ways are wrong (a later post). Some accuse Christians of acting this way. They claim sufficient proof for discrediting Christianity, and then say, “See, it is clear you are believing a lie.” I visit atheist sites on a semi-regular basis. I find it usually strengthens my faith instead of causing me doubts as most have arguments that are based upon half-truths, strawman arguments, and personal experience. (Visiting atheist sites is not a practice I would necessarily recommend, especially if one is easily angered or easily led to doubts as some are quite vitrolic and others sound quite convincing.)

The tribe in Things Fall Apart act a certain way despite knowing a contrary truth. The longer I walk with God, the more I am convinced that He is the truth.


2 thoughts on “Believing despite knowing

  1. Nice post. I remember something similar from my childhood. Me and my cousin secretly discovered a bag of Christmas presents my uncle had bought. The next day our socks were filled with them. They told us Santa had put it there.

    We knew my uncle had put it in there. But we just kept it to ourselves.. Those were really happy days. I miss them.

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