Prayer for strangers

Upon visiting In Progress today, I had the privilege of praying for several people I did not know. I had already spent some time in prayer and in the book of Romans, but the day and it’s to-do list was still hanging over me. The time spent praying for these folks refreshed me. This encouragement to pray is one of the many things I enjoy about the church we get to attend. The church supports numerous missionaries all over the world, and several times a week, I get an opportunity to pray for someone I don’t know through an e-mail from our Sunday school class, the Sunday bulletin, or the daily prayer calendar the church puts out. These times of prayer where I often have no way of knowing the results remind me of our utter dependence upon God. For that, I am blessed.


One thought on “Prayer for strangers

  1. hi, i’m so glad the post encouraged you!

    you know, i don’t pray enough so this was good for me to do as well. it takes my eyes off myself and allows me to gain perspective. it also gives me valuable time with the Lord, of course – it’s communing with Him 🙂 but most of all i know prayer is powerful and blogging has been such a tremendous outlet to get His love and message out there!

    Thank you for being a part of this and praying for the others! It has been a big blessing!


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